Jumbled pebbles of sound

Anna Doble writes the sort of stuff I wish I could write. Her site is frankly awe inspiring joy for music lovers

For your savage amusement

I used to write pretty lists and carefully crafted summaries at the end of each year, imagining myself into a snowglobe version of the Melody Maker writers’ desk circa 1996. Now that I’m a victim of relentless and debilitating digital distraction, and in all likelihood infected by the creeping fungus of aural nostalgia, the best I can do is this jumble of audio fragments picked up like unusual pebbles on the beach of 2021.

They caught my attention, I put them in my pocket. I’ll forget them in the end. But here they are for now, rescued from the incoming tide of face masks and microplastics. These are just moments; individual tracks and songs born this year. A bag of shells and shiny stones. Tell me about yours in the comments section.

Nation of Language – This Fractured Mind (Play It Again Sam)

Moody, over-dramatic synthpop: Just the way I…

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